Your perfect kitchen.

The kitchen, one of the most important places in the house these days. The place where you start your day and make memories. The more important it is that it’s build properly with quality materials and modern equipment. Let Luucsmo design you the perfect kitchen to last generations.

How do we work?

  • First, we map your wishes and measure up the space where it will come.
  • We’ll make multiple design renderings so you can see how it will look and if it’s what you want.
  • If necessary, we’ll make more designs untill you are completely happy with it
  • While working on your kitchen piece we’ll send pictures of the progress and if you’d like you could visit the workshop and see it being build.
  • prior to delivering the kitchen we’ll invite you to visit the workshop to check if it is as you wish. Modifications could be made if necessary.
  • After assembling the kitchen at your home we’ll clean everything up, and leavo you to enjoy your luxury kitchen!

Why a Luucsmo kitchen?

  • Quality materials and craftsmenship to give you a perfect kitchen.
  • personal contact troughout the process;
  • Modifications are possible while building the kitchen;
  • colors and finishes can be decided later in the proces;
  • reliable partners for the electricity and plumbing work;
  • Clear 3D image in advantage of the build;
  • Many material options possible;
  • It’s only finished when you are happy!
Eiken keuken Luucsmo
Eiken keuken Luucsmo

Eye for details.

  • Wooden drawers in every color;
  • continuous woodgrain;
  • Color and finish can be determined later in the process.

Custom made to meet your desires.

  • Handmade drawer inlays;
  • All kinds of worktops possible.
Eiken keuken Luucsmo

Take a look at custom build kitchens and furniture for happy customers.

If everything is possible, what would you want?

A custom made kitchen in your home?