Meubelverlichting, je ziet het steeds meer voorkomen. Sfeervolle verlichting integreren in je meubel waarmee je het meubel zelf en soms zelfs de ruimte eromheen verlicht. Met de huidige technieken in Ledverlichting kan je ongelooflijk veel kanten op. Je kunt het zo gek niet bedenken of het is mogelijk. Van chique dimbare led-spots, led-strips en zelfs minuscule

Furniture lighting, you see it more and more often. Integrating chic lighting in your furniture to light it and sometimes even the room. With the LED techniques of today the limits are endless. Think out of the box and it’s possible. From chic dimmable LED spots, LED strips and even tiny lighting for skirting boards, to lights in the drawer that switches on when you open the drawer.

By using lighting in a piece of furniture you can add a nice atmosphere to the piece of furniture and the space. This also makes it very nice to choose a dark material that stands out much better through the use of lighting.

As you can see in the following picture, this is a custom made black, oak cabinet with several dimmable LED-spots.

Nowadays, LED strips can even be applied in wavy shapes, creating playful and round lines. In short, enough choices in the types of lighting.

But that is not the only thing to take into account, the way of lighting is also something to think about. Do you want to illuminate something directly in the furniture, or do you want more mood lighting from the background? As well as determining the angle, all this can give very special effects to the furniture piece and space. Therefore, take a good look at where the furniture will be placed and what’s the purpose of it. You can imagine that a TV cabinet is more beautiful with indirect lighting than looking straight into a spot next to the TV, for example.

In the photos below, 2 different applications of lighting can be seen, making it a beautiful detail in the furniture.


At last, there is also the choice about the switch. Should it be connected to an existing wall switch? Or do you want a very subtle, small switch in the furniture that reacts to your finger or movement? Automatic lighting is also possible, which can also be operated via the app on your phone.

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