Sustainability, a term that some people may find weak by now, but which is nevertheless very important. Because sustainability is not just a label you can use when you separate waste, that’s my opinion. You might already know that I plant back trees, but there is more.

With sustainability I like to look at the entire process. In every process I try to find the best solution. To start simple, you could say al the material must be biodegradable. That would be the best solution. However, sometimes you should reconsider what could give the object an as long as possible lifetime. If something stays perfect for let’s say at least 30 years because of the chosen material, than that’s an sustainable option in my opinion. luckily this is a consideration that’s becoming more and more easy, The number of green solutions for as an example paint, oils and epoxy are increasing.

Take the last example, epoxy. Epoxy is a 2 component resin that becomes solid and clear as glass. You can do amazing things with it, use it to glue pieces of waste wood together, coat an entire table top with it or use it as I do, in combination with carbon fiber. However, it is not only bad for the environment, but also for people’s health. In special for those whom use it, like me. Therefore I started looking for a green alternative. After a long search I came across Ecopoxy from the US. This resin is made from biological parts for 50%. Therefore you don’t need to use a gas mask when applying it, and there are less toxic solvents that ruin your health. And even though the result with it is amazing!

Beautiful example of carbonfiber!

Not only when it comes to finishing you consider the sustainability, also with the choice of the material. I always consider: What material will last the longest? I prefer to make the corpus of a cabinet from melaminated plywood instead of MDF.  This is a hard and easy to clean material, It’s stronger and lighter than MDF and it has less toxic solvents in it. It is pleasant to work with and the big advantage is the strength and weight. I would prefer to use plywood for the doors as well, but MDF is more stable to use for the doors. The doors would probably warp and of course we don’t want that.

Wood for the future!

When it comes to building furniture, it requires a lot of wood. If you know that and take in consider that around 70% of a tree is labeled as waste, you can get an image of how many trees there are used around the world. There are not enough trees being planted back, not for the future use of wood and not for the health of the planet. Trees still are the lungs of our planet and people need nature around them. So to make shore that this beautiful profession exists in the future and that we still have nature and clean air, I plant back trees for every piece of furniture that I sell. We give back what we use. Seems fair for us.

Choose sustainable, choose Luucsmo

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