‘’Hello. I would like to make a reservation for two people for dinner tonight’’

  • Shore no problem, what time would you like to eat?

‘’ at 7 o clock if it’s possible, oh and I would like to bring my own steak if that’s okay.’’

  • Excuse me? Sorry sir that is not possible. We only us our own quality products. That way we can ensure you a nice meal and evening.

‘’ Oh okay, that’s too bad. I will have to talk to my wife first then. Thank you for the information so far.’’

Strange isn’t it? I hope this question isn’t being asked a lot. Funny enough I get this question some times when it comes to furniture. If I would like to build in IKEA cabinets and make nice doors in front of it- of course I won’t.

Just like the restaurant owner only buys quality products because he or she wants to give the customer a lovely evening end dinner, I choose to make my furniture from higher quality materials. Materials that I trust they will remain perfect for a long time.

For example, if I make a custom cabinet under a sloping roof or in a niche, there is a big chance that it will remain there for many, many years. It will probably be there with the new residents. Because of my vision for sustainability I prefer to make furniture that will last all that time. Even if you would like to have another appearance of the cabinet after a few years, that’s not a problem. I build the cabinet in such way that it’s easy to paint or change all the front parts. That way you can change it to your new style and make it perfect again, especially for you!

The cabinet is still in a neat condition, sustainable !

Should the unlikely happen and you want to give a piece of furniture as above a different color / appearance, it’s not a problem!

Another reason why I make the cabinets all custom made is because standard measurements do not make full advantage of the space. There is a small chance that the space between your walls is precisely 2400 mm. And the walls would have to be perfectly straight as well. This would be a dream of many furniture makers but sadly it’s only a dream. And because the standard measurements don’t cover all the sizes, you lose a lot of space. A shame!


A custom made cabinet underneath a slope roof, perfectly use of all the space in a modern, black oak design.


Another advantage of something custom made is that I can apply details that will show you it’s custom made. Such as material combinations, certain transitions, or the neat shelf supporters. Here you can see the shelf supporters that I use.

Because of the brass spreading sleeve the shelf support becomes a nice detail instead of you looking in to a hole . a chic combination!

I’d love to help you realize your own custom made furniture. Would you like to know more? Contact us!

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