Quality, sustainability, clarity and service are central in my working method. That’s one of the reasons for the materials page. There I explain the specifications of the most common materials and tell why I prefer one material more than another. My workshop is using Solar power and in the future, I want to make my workshop even more sustainable.

In our first meeting I will listen to your wishes and ask questions to get a clear image of what you want. This way I can do a proposal that really fits your needs. And if you are not sure yet about what you want or certain details I will make more proposals. I will make a rendering (it’s a photographic realistic drawing), then you can get a clear image of what your product will look like.

Now you know how it will look in the end, of what materials it is made and why. During the building of the furniture I will send you photographs to keep you posted on the process. You can also visit the workshop to take a look at the project in real life. When I come to install or deliver the product I will make sure you are completely satisfied and leave no mess behind.
Also you will receive a certificate that serves as evidence, that because of your choice to buy at LuucsMO one or more trees are being planted back. A nice reminder and above all a sustainable choice!