Cabinet of hope



This piece of furniture is the result of an assignment where we had to translate the visual aspects of an emotion to a piece of furniture. With this piece I started with the emotion hope, and these are some of the words that came to my mind:

Open, twisted, interwoven, bent, organic, contrast and minimalistic. Next, I started making sketches and building models with veneer using these words. After a few sessions I came up with this shape and it intrigued me. I decided to make a bigger scale model of it and to think about the purpose while doing so. Hoping for a nice result, what fits good with the emotion where this piece originated from.

The result is a unique cabinet that seems to ‘’float’’ between the ceiling and the floor. It’s different from each side but still very open, and gives you the feeling it really protects its content. I’ve made an ash wood version with walnut elements, and one of walnut with brass elements. More combinations are possible.

Take a look at my Facebook or YouTube page film to see the making off film!