About me

Proper. Dutch. Design. Made by proper Dutch craftsmen.


Quality, unique and a fair product is what I deliver. A hand-made product made on the most sustainable way, for the planet and humans. Nobody is suffering from low prices, everything is done for a fair price. This way the passion for the profession in the people comes out and you will see it in quality of the product. You will get a sustainable, high quality and luxurious product with a good story behind it.

In my designs I’m refreshing, using pure materials chosen because of their specific character. Healthy materials for humans and the environment. Originality is important, this makes sure you will always get a unique product that ‘lives’’ in your home or office. A LuucsMO product will never bore you. You will look at it and get a good feeling, because of the elegant design, the eye thrilling details and the good story behind it. I work with a lot of different materials and that gives a lot of freedom in my designs. For every situation I can design the perfect product.  Tables, cabinets, chairs, it’s all possible. I would like to look together at your wishes and design something specially for you.


Still there are a lot of products being made where the environment or people are being abused because of the profit. It’s very tempting to go for the cheapest option, but if people think for a second about why it’s so cheap they know someone, or something suffered for that price. Low salary, long working days, bad circumstances and even child labor to lower the price…It’s not really of this time, is it? It’s time to make products in a sustainable way and fair for everyone. This is what I want to do and express with my work. Making beautiful, high quality furniture with care for the environment and people.


A lot of furniture takes a lot of wood to build.  Currently the forests are being cut down very rapidly and not even close enough trees are being planted back. That’s why I choose to plant one or more trees back for every product that I make. This way I want to compensate the impact on the environment and try to make sure we have a green future on this planet!


So, are you looking for a unique, hand-made luxury piece of furniture that you will buy knowing it is a sustainable purchase?  Welcome to LuucsMO.