You want something unique, exclusive and of the highest quality where the passion for the profession can be seen in the product. Timeless designs with a good story, limited editions and build sustainable.
this and the use of fair materials, extraordinary combinations lift LuuscMO furniture to a higher level. Eye-catching designs designed throughout a story and build from pure materials make sure you get an amazing experience every time you look at the furniture.

The collection of LuucsMO contains many different types of furniture, but also custom-made pieces can be done by LuucsMO.

Sustainable. You also choose LuucsMO because you care about sustainability. All the furniture is being made as sustainable as possible, from materials that are better for the environment and for you. And for every product that’s been sold I’ll plant a tree, to compensate the use of wood.


Sustainable is a part of quality. Welcome to LuucsMO.